Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty Color Palette vs. Chic Color Palette

This is the second article of the Color Palette series.  You are going out on Friday night. Do you want to look pretty or chic?

Let’s get some idea s from the color palettes and combinations.

( set 1 )

( set 2)

Pretty Color Palette

The color palettes in set 1 give fresh, sweet, and cute images rather than soft.  If you match your outfit with the pretty color palette, it will brighten you up.  Let’s look at where the pretty color palettes are used on the Le Bunny Bleu Spring shoes.

Bunny's Colorism

Soft Steps

Musical Star Bunny

A Pretty Color Palette Outfit Suggestion 
from Le Bunny Bleu

Chic Color Palette

Sometimes you just want both the quite and sophiticated look as well as the cool and intelligent look.

Match the gray-toned color palette well with your outfit of soft combinations.  The creative use of metallic colors will help get you that chic and sophisticated look you want. 

Elegant Mesh Oxford

Studded Flats

A Chic Color Palette Outfit Suggestion 
from Le Bunny Bleu

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