Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dynamic Color Palette vs. Romantic Color Palette

No more gray and black tone winter coats!

Do you want to give dynamic energy or a simple romantic touch to the change of seasons?

The most important element is your color selection.
Let’s look at several color palettes

(set 1)

  (set 2)

Dynamic Color Palette
The color palettes in set 1 are images of strength and boldness. The contrast of the colors exudes a dynamic energy. The 1st color palettes are used in the Le Bunny Bleu Fashion sneakers and the Frida Flats in the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection expressing the spring energy and vitality.

Vivid Dynamic Color Outfit Suggestion 
from Le Bunny Bleu

Romantic Color Palette

Whenever I think “Romantic,” paintings of Claude Monet come to my mind.   How can you create a romantic image in your outfit?

The color palettes in Set 2 consist of soft colors. The color combinations give you feelings of kindness, tenderness and fairy tales.  A good color combination will make you feel comfortable and beautiful.  You can find many examples of romantic color palettes that have been put together in Le Bunny Bleu flats. 

Romantic Outfit Suggestion 
from Le Bunny Bleu

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