Monday, December 12, 2011

Le Bunny Bleu Outfit Suggestion- Listena Wool Boots W013

Style suggestion: GEOMETRY

Electric blocks of color have been transformed to flurry geometric patterns to create a memorable impact. Triangles, rectangles, spheres revived in the form of beautiful dresses and gorgeous accessories. Miuccia Prada referenced her collection to Mondrian’s abstract geometric paintings in order to achieve this edgy look.
In our style suggestion, Le Bunny Bleu matched geometrical dress made of silk by Anthropologie with the waterproofed Listena Wool boots. The boots are long enough to fold so the fleecy part to come out. Listena Wool boots are great for the rainy or snowy days, because of their Waterproof leather. Don’t hesitate to try this abstract geometric look and don’t forget your comfy wool boots.

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