Thursday, December 1, 2011

Le Bunny Bleu - Gainy Wool Boots W016

Shine, shine, shine!

Many of the runway looks this season were finished with some shiny elements, or were completely made of shiny fabrics. Sequins and glossy beads ruled the runway this winter. But how can we translate the glitter cocktail look from Balmain for example, into our everyday wardrobe?

Well, just pick a nice garment that has some shiny element on it and mix it with your favorite Le Bunny Bleu shoes. In this style suggestion, we combined a casual top with sequin front and the very cute Le Bunny Bleu Gainy wool boots. We love these boots because they carry the logo and make our Bunny to shine. We also chose lace shorts to give the look a vintage touch. And to strengthen the casual style, we added soft, over the knee socks.

This look is a mix of materials and styles and will definitely make you shine throughout your casual day. 

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