Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Victoria Beckham ditches heels for flats

Victoria Beckham, world famous heel-aholic has been forced to her ditch heels for flats because of a slipped disk. With boyish oxfords, and flat boots being the all the rage this autumn, she joins the list of other sensible shoe wearing celebrities like Kate Moss and Jessica Alba.

New York based women’s flat shoe brand Le Bunny Bleu is launching its highly anticipated Fall 2011 collection with its signature avant-garde boyish oxfords, trendy ballet flats, vibrant slip-ons, and innovative water resistant wool boots. Each season, Le Bunny Bleu designs and produces 150 different flat shoes designs, and designs are never repeated.

Le Bunny Bleu’s flat shoes have been extremely popular with the fashion conscious and count celebrities like Olympic Gold Medalist Yu Na Kim and Kelly Miyahara from the Jeopardy clue crew as wearers.

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