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A look at the history of Flip-flops

Flip-flops are open footwear, consisting of sole and Y-shaped straps. The straps are attached to the sole and secured to the foot passing between the big toe and its neighbor. 

Flip-flops are popular beach and outdoor wear that is spread through much of the world.

How old are flip-flops? Well, flip-flops were probably worn by Pharaohs! Shoes similar to flip-flops can be seen on the feet of Egyptian figures. Sandals were the preferred footwear at that time.

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In the Middle East, papyrus and palm leaves were used as design materials. In East Asia straw was used to make their flip-flops, while Mexico and Africa used rawhide.

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Straw Flip flop

Flip-flops became popular in the western world after World War II when soldiers brought them from Japan. The name ‘flip-flop’comes from the sound they make as you walk in them. However when they were first brought into the USA they were called ‘Zori’. Basic Zori were made of vegetable-fiber and was a part the traditional dress in Japan for centuries. The name flip-flops first appeared in the 1960s and quickly became footwear associated with youth culture in the 1960s and 1970s.

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In most developing countries, rubber flip-flops are the cheapest footwear available. Some countries make flip-flops from recycled tires. Some companies began to sell flip-flops made of sustainable materials like hemp, cotton and coconut.

Flip-flops are very popular with people who enjoy being barefoot but need to wear shoes, allowing the foot to be out in the open while still having a sole to protect the foot. They are also quick and easy to put on, take off, and carry because they are light in weight and come in an assortment of colors and patterns.

In ‘90s, Sigerson Morrison made expensive heeled flip-flops. 

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Le Bunny Bleu designed cute summer flip flops just for you.

Playful Bunny’s Holiday flip-flops come in 2 soft colors, bunny pink and bunny blue with cute bunny face on top!

Le Bunny Bleu Bunny's Holiday

Marin Flip-flops come in trendy navy and red color with bow on top carrying bunny metal logo.

Le Bunny Bleu Marin Flip flop

Ethnic Bunny contains attractive braids that will hold your feet gently. Trendy studs and a washed-off brown color to create a timeless fashionable ethnic look!

Le Bunny Bleu Ethnic Bunny

Elegant Feet are flip-flops to make your feet comfortable while looking stunningly elegant.

Le Bunny Bleu Elegant Feet

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