Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It’s chic, it’s romantic, it’s feminine, it’s Lace!

Flanders and Italy are remembered as the birthplaces of lace. All lace was handmade and some of the most sophisticated lace required as many as ten hours of work to produce a square inch. The talent and skill to carry out such works was considered as a great virtue, making lace a very expensive luxury item affordable only to the well-off. Upper class women often made their own lace. Lace was made of cotton, silk, copper-like metallic threads, silver and gold.

In the 1500’s lace was used mostly for large pieces like altars, curtains, bed coverings. It was rarely used for clothing. Needle lace originates from embroidery; embroiderers started off by cutting out some of the background fabric areas and 
ending them with a stitch called the hole stitch. Later, a technique was developed which required no background fabric.

Needle Lace

Victorian Needle Lace

Between 1590 and 1630, lace had floral motifs with various fillings called modes. The motifs kept developing and between 1630 and 1679 designs of birds, various figures and scenes appeared. 
Bobbin lace is more of weaving. The threads are twisted and interwoven. Bobbin lace became more popular than Needle lace because it’s lighter in texture. Since making Bobbin lace was more like weaving, fishermen would make Bobbin lace during the seasons when they couldn’t fish.

Making of Bobbin Lace

Making of Bobbin Lace

Not only back then, but even now in year 2011 lace is very attractive and trendy! Lace fashions run from sheer to Victorian inspired and create a romantic, feminine and totally chic look!

Today lace is not only a piece of an outfit but it creates a whole garment on its own, like a lace skirt, dress and tops. Jewelry accessories are rarely needed when wearing lace.

Wondering what shoes to pair up with a lace outfit? Le Bunny Bleu recommends shoes that are feminine and plain, or with a simple decoration. The shoes should enhance your outfit and legs.

Try one of the Le Bunny Bleu ballet leather ballet flats, simple cotton wedges, or oxfords that would match your look.
The Simple Picnic Wedge Sandals or ballet flats would pair perfectly with a lace mini skirt or mini dress.

Le Bunny Bleu Picnic Wedge Sandals

Le Bunny Bleu Frieda Flats

Le Bunny Bleu Ebony Bow Flats

Le Bunny Bleu Elegant Mesh

Le Bunny Bleu Bunny in Wonderland

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