Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to keep your feet healthy

Each foot has more than hundred muscles, ligaments and tendons, 26 bones, 33 joints and eight arches. All of these, work together to distribute body weight and allow movement.

We don’t realize how important our feet are and how little attention we give them until a problem with our feet occurs. To keep your feet in good shape is simple and very effective.

Here are some tips!

Keep your feet clean and dry. 
Healthy feet start with good hygiene! Wash your feet daily. Scrub your feet with soap and water. Be sure to always dry them well. Fungal organisms like moisture so by drying your feet properly, the environment for fungal infection will be eliminated.

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To get rid of broken, dry, ugly and painful skin on your heel, simply get yourself an exfoliating foot scrub brush and use it often to keep your skin soft and healthy.

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To keep your skin soft and smooth, rub a coat of skin lotion over feet and between your toes.

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Cut toenails properly
Cut your nails avoiding trimming too close to the skin. Cut them straight, avoiding extremely rounding the corners of the nails, which can cause pain and ingrown toenails.

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Examine your feet regularly
When you take bath or shower, take some time to examine your feet on regular bases. It doesn’t take much time and it’s well worth! As you’re washing or drying your feet take a look at the soles and toes to see if the skin is peeling off or any discoloration occurring. 

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Don’t use nail polish to cover ‘ugly’ toenail
Cracked, crumbling or discolored nail could signal fungus, or other problem. Avoid applying nail polish to an infected nail which could make a problem worse. Visit a podiatrist in order to resolve the problem rather than covering it.

Protect your feet in public areas
When in public areas like showers, gym, public pools, be sure to wear a proper footwear. Simple flip-flops will be helpful and good enough to protect your feet from ground breeding with fungi that can lead to infections.

Wear breathable socks
Each foot has 250 000 sweat glands sweating up to a half-cup of sweat daily. Perspiration creates the perfect environment for bacteria to spread. Therefore wear socks that will keep your feet dry and are made of breathable material. Remember that excessively tight tights can trap moisture.

Don’t share footwear
However in a situation when you can’t avoid wearing footwear worn by other people, like rentals, always make sure you put on your own socks and spray the footwear with antibacterial spray. Afterwards make sure to wash your feet property and if possible use antibacterial soap or spray.

Choose breathable footwear
Wear shoes made of natural leather, mesh fabrics, or any breathable materials to allow air circulate to keep your feet dry especially if you are prone to excessively sweaty feet.

Wear shoes that fit properly
Your feet need room to breathe. Don’t squeeze them inside fashionable, very uncomfortable and tight shoes! Shop for shoes in the afternoon not in the morning, as the feet tend to swell towards the end of the day. If you buy tight shoes in the morning you will suffer towards the end of the day.
Choose shoes with room for toes. If toes are squeezed it can cause ingrown toenails and calluses.

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Know when to see a doctor
Don’t self-treat painful feet, redness, strange swelling or discoloration; rather leave it to an expert. Let your feet be checked by a podiatrist instead of treating them yourself.

Treat yourself and your feet a massage.

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