Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A History of Ballet Shoes

Women who love comfortable shoes know that ballet flats are a must-have! They are flat, comfortable to walk in and provide a very feminine and chic look!

How did ballet shoes come about? Let’s look at this together!

Ballet shoes are used in traditional or modern ballet. They are lightweight shoes (also called ballet slippers), designed for ballet dancing and are usually made from satin, canvas or leather with flexing and thin soles. Ballet shoes must fit the foot very closely to maintain safety and retain maximum of flexibility. They usually come in black, white or pink tones.

The quality and use of ballet flats vary according to the material used. The ones made of satin are usually worn for performances as they wear out the fastest. The canvas ones are less expensive and last longer compare to the satin ones. The leather ones are the most durable.

How are ballet flats secured onto the feet? They are secured with elastic bands or ribbons across the arch of the foot with single or two bands (ribbons).

Ballerina flats

As we all know, nowadays ballet flats are not used only for dancing but also for day to day wear. And don’t we love those shoes? It’s no longer true that only shoes with heels make you look feminine! Ballet flats are comfortable, easy to walk in, very feminine and complement nearly every outfit.

Which celebrities come to mind when talking about ballet flats? Surely you would think of the amazing Brigitte Bardot or gorgeous Audrey Hepburn! 

Audrey Hepburn

Brigitte Bardot 

Ballet flats are great looking especially with capris, a mini skirt or denim.  

Celebrities wearing flat shoes

Looking at ballet flats, they usually come in dark colors and have a very narrow selection. Honestly, if you take a walk and visit various shoe stores, you will see same or similar designs and colors repeated.

Le Bunny Bleu tries to breathe fresh air into ballet flats!

Le Bunny Bleu focuses on vivid colors and the cute romantic vintage look using a large variety of materials and decoration. Some shoes are decorated with embroidery, others with colorful prints, bows, pearls, fabric flowers, or stones beads.

You can free your fantasy creating your own distinctive outfit completing it with Le Bunny Bleu ballet flats.  

Le Bunny Bleu Marshmallow Ballet Flats

Le Bunny Bleu Juliet's Dream

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Which pair is your favorite?

Le Bunny Bleu Bunny Footprints v.02 Ballet Flats

Le Bunny Bleu Gold Balls Kitty

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