Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brighten your summer with Le Bunny Bleu Cat’s Bow flats!

Do you like to think of summer as a season of paradise? Well, even the world’s best designers feel similar, as the tropical-inspired trends are seen in the summer 2011 collections!

The sun is shining, people are in a good mood and you plan to add new pieces to your wardrobe.  Hibiscus print dress, bright shorts, Hawaiian and island-inspired prints on shirts, or timeless navy look with stripes are something you should definitely get!

Finish the look with Le Bunny Bleu Cat’s Bow flats! Cat’s Bow in bright Strawberry red, Greek white or Prussian blue will give you such an iconic look! Add on nude colored sunglasses and a leather body bag!

Le Bunny Bleu Cat’s Bow flats are made of matte very soft synthetic leather. The insole is padded to provide you great comfort while walking. The top of the shoe is decorated with the stripped medium size bow and adorned with a cute flattering button to complete the look.

What are your thoughts on this trend? 

To purchase your pair of Le Bunny Bleu ‘Cat’s Bow’ visit:

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  1. You have the most adorable shoes in your shop! :)

    The Cat Hag