Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Le Bunny Bleu School Look] Vintage Pinocchio Outfit Suggestion

Le Bunny Bleu Vintage Pinocchio

Brooksbrothers, Cotton Cashmere Tipped Vest, $88.00
Brooksbrothers, Tailored Fit Supima® Oxford Dress Shirt, $89.50
Brooksbrothers, Ticking Striped Pleated Skirt, $148.00
Ralphlauren, Tartan Small Saranac Bag, $495.00
Tommy Hilfiger, Argyle Trouser Sock, $5.99
Le Bunny Bleu, Vintage Pinocchio, $59.00

Sarah is wearing Le Bunny Bleu Gray Vintage Pinocchio, argyle socks from Tommy, a gray skirt from Zara, a cardigan from Forever 21, a jacket from Necessity NY, a shirt from Gap, leather gloves from Ralph Lauren, and a vintage back from Beacon Closet.

1 comment:

  1. Love the outfit. What creativity given to the schoolgirl-esque, preppy yet casual style. Very metro and very cute! Wish I could afford it, though. ;D
    I may look up less costly alternatives to try out the do~