Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Le Bunny Bleu Orange Oxfords in Style -San Francisco Street Fashion

 We met Lina at Union Square in San Francisco who is studying Fashion Merchandising at AAU (Acamedy Art of University). We were so lucky to meet Lina, who loves fashion and is in style. Lina has a fabulous sense to choose perfect accessories such as checkered scarf, a black leather purse with conic studs, and her chic sunglasses. 

Her black skinny jeans and cardigan with her accessories made perfect match with Le Bunny Bleu Orange Summer Tassels Oxfords. The orange color has peach tone in Persia. The Peach-Orange color oxfords will give you nice style in this Summer.

Material: Tarnished synthetic leather + Tassel ribbons
Size: 5.5~8
Width: Narrow 3" (size 6.5)
Color: Persian Peach-Orange
Heel: 0.4"


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