Monday, September 27, 2010

Le Bunny Bleu Purple Boots with Katie in London

Katie's Homepapge"What Katie Wore"

We’ve been for a walk in the countryside. Lots of mushrooms – if spending two hours listening to Katie ask “Can we eat this one?” is your idea of fun, you would have loved it. We didn’t do any foraging in the end (save for a little bit at TK Maxx on the way home) but I would actually quite like to be initiated into the Way Of The Forest – anyone prepared to give me a free lesson in digging for truffles or finding the elusive Chicken Of The Woods, please get in touch.

Katie’s forest ensemble consists of a Whistles skirt, TK Maxx shearling waistcoat thing, vintage shirt and Le Bunny Bleu purple forest-boots (way better than Uggs, innit).

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